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Sandyford Business District Project Green

Sandyford Business District Project Green

What is Sandyford Business District’s Project Green?

Project Green is the framework that Sandyford Business District has created, to enable the District to be the leading sustainable Business District.

It includes the areas of Energy, Waste & Water, Mobility, Environment and the Circular Economy.

Following on from the successful SBD Innovation Week 2021 we have been engaging further with the various experts in these key areas, to determine the correct course of action using best in class digital practices where possible.

A steering committee has been formed, consisting of business owners, managers and employees of various businesses across the District.

Each member of the steering committee is passionate and knowledgeable in the area of Sustainability.

We welcome new members who would consider themselves an asset to this committee.

SBD Project Green aims to make the District a greener, safer and more sustainable space for businesses, employees and residents alike.