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Managing Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing Webinar

Managing Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing Webinar

Many thanks to Jenny Branigan from Total Physio for her time today on our latest webinar.

Watch the webinar on our YouTube channel here.

Jenny spoke on the following topics:

  • Basic Ergonomics
Basic Ergonomics

  • Tips to ease physical aches and pains

  • Tips for working from home

  • The effect of exercise on psychological wellbeing

  • Why exercise during a pandemic?
  1. Routine
  2. Sense of control
  3. Maintain/start good habits
  • Are you fit to exercise?
  1. Past history of exercise
  2. Unresolved recent injury
  3. Is your body flexible/strong enough for what you hope to achieve? e.g. a 5km run
  4. Complete the strength MOT
  • The Strength MOT

  • Lower limb MOT

  • How to stay away from your physio

Click here for information on cocooning exercises, click here to view the video.

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