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SBD launches LIFT Ireland in Sandyford Business District

SBD launches LIFT Ireland in Sandyford Business District

Sandyford Business District is pleased to be the 1st Business District to partner with LIFT Ireland and launch the platform to businesses in the District. As organisations are constantly looking for ways to improve culture, we are delighted to bring to the District, LIFT’s leadership process, which has proven to embed good leadership values and behaviour, enhance employee engagement, build better relationships, improve positive leadership, and improve communication and teamwork - particularly relevant now with so many colleagues working from home.

Sandyford Business District is offering 25 free places to businesses to become the FIRST LIFT Ambassadors in the area.

We would like to invite you to become one of the first 25 Ambassador Organisations to LIFT Sandyford Business District at a FREE bespoke event for the District on Friday March 12th from 10am to 12 noon. One person in each of the companies awarded this free place will be trained as a Facilitator and can go on to lead the LIFT process within their company. See below for details on how to register.

At the event you will also hear from Barry Dowling, Consulting Director - Covalen, who are based in Sandyford and have been using the LIFT Leadership process since 2018 with an opportunity for a Q&A.


LIFT Ireland is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership in Ireland. LIFT, which stands for ‘Leading Ireland’s Future Together’, was built on a desire to change the country for the better by changing the way people lead, both in their personal and working lives. It does this through its peer-learning based roundtable process. LIFT’s programme is being rolled out nationwide via a volunteer facilitator network with a goal of reaching 10% of the population by 2028. LIFT is a force to improve the quality of leadership in Ireland – from the kitchen table to the clubhouse, and from the classroom to the boardroom. The learning process used by LIFT is based on principles that have been used successfully for many years.


  • The LIFT process takes just 30-40 minutes 1 day a week for a total of 8 weeks. The sessions are called roundtables.
  • Over Zoom, sharing LIFT materials through screen-share,
  • LIFT facilitators bring 4 or 5 people together at each roundtable to individually self-reflect on a particular LIFT personal leadership theme, how it shapes their character and how it impacts the way they interact with others.

There are 8 key personal leadership traits which form the initial programme and there is an option to complete a further 3 values which have been added as a result of research done during the pandemic:

The 8 key values are:

- Listening

- Positive Attitude

- Respect

- Competence

- Dedication and Determination

- Empathy and Understanding

- Accountability

- Honesty and Integrity

The 3 extra values are:

- Mindfulness

- Resilience

- Innovation and Adaptability

  • At the end of the 8 weeks, each of the participants can become facilitators and then lead their own groups. From here LIFT can grow exponentially.
  • As the number of people participating in LIFT roundtables grows, the inner leader in individuals, groups, organisations and communities results in real positive impact throughout the country. Small actions create great change, one individual at a time.
  • The LIFT process is easily implemented. No particular qualifications are required to be a facilitator (other than the initial half-day training), and anyone can facilitate - there is no need to be a coach, mentor etc.
  • LIFT is safe. LIFT roundtables have no comment, no judgement and no advice - they are opportunities for self-reflection and personal ownership only.


A number of businesses in the Sandyford Business District are already involved and living ‘LIFT’ with huge benefits to their employees and organisations. As part of the larger national LIFT Ireland initiative, impact levels are monitored carefully through online surveys that participants take with positive results.

96.8% of people say that they have improved their understanding of good leadership through LIFT (729 responses)

89% of people say that they can point to positive behaviour change that they attribute to LIFT (725 responses)

To register for one of 25 free places to businesses to become the first LIFT Ambassadors in the area and be trained as a Facilitator contact Niamh.egan@sandyford.ie