A Strong Voice For Business

Representing the 1,000 companies, 26,000 employees and 5,000 residents in Sandyford Business District, the company steadfastly lobbies on behalf of its constituents and provided a strong voice to champion issues that impact business.

Sandyford Business District engages, liaises and collaborates with its local council, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, on all matters relating to the district including infrastructure, mobility, public realm, landscaping etc. This important partnership is further strengthened with representation on the twelve-person board by two representatives from the council – a senior executive and a nominated councillor.

Importantly, the District engages at national government level particularly in relation to business supports, never more so than during the current Covid-19 pandemic, and makes submissions on major issues relating to finance, infrastructure, mobility and planning.

Mobility being a key issue for the district, there is regular engagement with TII (Transport Infrastructure Ireland) and TFI (Transport for Ireland) on matters relating to road infrastructure and public transport.

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A Strong Voice For Business

Recent submissions include:

  • Budget 2021 Submission: Sandyford Business District presented its submission to Department of Finance in September 2020 which, in addition to requesting an extension to the current commercial rates waiver, includes a number of innovative suggestions to offset the worst impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on member businesses. These include supports for a multitude of sectors including retail, motor industry, professional services and hospitality. The Budget submission also addresses the needs of those involved in every aspect of construction, design and home interiors and exteriors.
  • Commercial Rates 2021: Sandyford Business District lobbied effectively in recent months re the annual Local Property Tax (LPT) variation, which sees a vote to decide whether the LPT is reduced or increased within a band of -15%/+15%. Following a precedent where a 15% reduction has been agreed since the introduction of LPT, on 14th September the councillors agreed that there would be no reduction in 2021. This decision will have a significant impact on the council’s ability to avoid increasing commercial rates in 2021 as an increase in same has often been required to fill the void created by the 15% LPT reduction. Sandyford Business District continues to lobby for an extension to the current waiver for commercial rates and for a reduction in 2021.