Gallery Spend in Sandyford Launch to help reboot the local economy

Sandyford Business District launched a new initiative and awareness campaign to encourage consumers and businesses alike to Spend in Sandyford this Christmas and beyond. The campaign is aimed at encouraging people working and living in the District to think local, to support enterprises located here and to help fuel recovery this Winter.

Most businesses in Sandyford Business District are fully re-open with staff re-employed and efforts being made to return to normal sales. The decision to embark on the campaign was taken by the Board of Sandyford Business District as they are acutely aware from listening to business owners that many are worried about consumer spending trends since Covid-19 began.

Spend in Sandyford at Christmas will run all though the festive season with numerous initiatives and an integrated marketing and awareness campaign. The campaign has received endorsement and backing of a whole host of businesses in the District, residents in the community, local sports clubs and politicians.

Every €10 spent locally generates more than €40 of benefit to the District and shopping locally doesn’t just support the business you buy from but also its local suppliers, helping to protect jobs across the District.