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Wellness Week 2019

Wellness Week 2019

When: Monday, September 23, 2019

Series of events to promote health & wellness, including the Spirit Sandyford 5k Run.

Mindfulness Monday - 23rd September:

Understanding Food Labels Talk

It can be difficult to understand the difference between truly healthy options and marketing, to know which foods to buy and which to leave on the shelf. This talk covers the three things to be mindful of when looking at food labels.

Transformation Tuesday - 24th September:

Hand Drumming Workshop

Transform and energise your life through the power of belief and rhythm. Reignite your “zest” for life and find your way back to a life that is full of excitement, motivation and self-belief!

Wellbeing Wednesday - 25th September:

Financial Wellbeing Seminar

All employees suffer from stress. 70% of that stress is financial. 1 in 2 adults with debt have a mental health issue. This workshop aims to simplify and demystify the financial issues all employees face.

Take Action Thursday - 26th September:

1) Turning Goals into Action Talk

This talk will cover setting goals that inspire and empower you. It will explore the blockers to achieving goals and how to overcome them. Learn to take steps now and turn your goals into actions.

2) Spirit Sandyford 5K Run

This event organised by Dundrum South Dublin Athletic Club, will cater for walkers, joggers, fun runners and athletes.

Feel Good Friday - 27th September:

Ergonomics Presentation and Demonstration

Managing ergonomic risk in the workplace can improve your musculoskeletal health. This demonstration will give direction on various ergonomic tools and practices and their benefits.

More details and how to book each event to follow at a later date.