Pandemic Unemployment Payment Changes

New Pandemic Unemployment Payment Rates

The two-tiered payment structure for people receiving the Pandemic Unemployment Payment takes effect from today (Tuesday 7th of July).

Weekly Average Earnings in 2019 or Jan/Feb 2020: Weekly Pandemic Unemployment Payment:

Less than €200 gross - €203

€200 or more - €350

Self-employed - Amount assessed based on 2018 returns to the Revenue Commissioners

Any person who believes that their new payment rate does not accurately reflect their prior earnings can contact the Department to request a review of earnings and forward all supporting documents, which will be matched with Revenue records. They can contact the Department by;


Write: Pandemic Unemployment Rerate Requests, DEASP, Intreo Centre, Cork Road, Waterford

Call: 1890 800 024

Returning to Work?

Workers who are returning to work must close their claim for the PUP payment on the actual date that they start back at work. The easiest way to close a claim for the Pandemic Unemployment Payment is online via . Any worker returning to work with an enquiry about closing their claim, can contact the Department’s dedicated income support helpline at 1890 800 024 (Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm).

Continued eligibility to receive Pandemic Unemployment Payment

As is standard with all jobseeker payments people receiving the Pandemic Unemployment Payment are required to confirm their eligibility to continue to receive the payment. They can do this online and must do so no later than Monday, 13th July. Failure to do so may affect their entitlement to continue to receive a payment.

To do so, recipients should use the online portal and follow the instructions under the heading ‘continue eligibility to receive Pandemic Unemployment Payment’. This is the simplest and easiest way to do so. Any person who experiences difficulty in doing this should contact the helpline 1890 800 024 (Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.)

Covid-19 Information: