Temporary COVID-19 Street Furniture Licence

DRL County Council understands that there is a need to re-imagine the streetscape in the country in order to accommodate retailers where queuing occurs outside their shops or to facilitate cafes to re-open by providing extra space for tables and chairs so that everyone can safely enjoy our towns, villages and streets as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually eased.

The Council will consider requests for the temporary use of public space on a street by street basis, subject to the suitability of the location. Public and Pedestrian safety will be key criteria in assessing any such requests.

Businesses will need to apply for a temporary street furniture licence to use public space for extra seating, and demonstrate they have public liability insurance to cover the use of street furniture on any public space or footpath.

No fee applies to applicants for temporary street furniture licences which will only be valid until the 31st of December 2020.

You can download the Application Form here.

Covid-19 Information: